WWE Superstars join the WWE Universe in memory of Warrior. [x]

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"fuckin play it "


The Song from the End of Game of Thrones S04E02



theinternetaccordingtoadrian:  Lord Ned Stark, the passive-aggressive.  Hahahah fuck yes.

Ned Stark sends his regards.

Hey guys.. Warehouse 13’s back tonight.

Hey guys.. Warehouse 13’s back tonight.

Game of Thrones opening sequence: Season 1 to 4 locations.

Creative Director: Angus Wall. Production Studio: Elastic.

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New Posters From X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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His ring is off? I agree with the last person. This sounds like a lot of double standards. And if everyone was tearing me down like this, and I knew it wouldn't stop even if I did explain myself (which it won't. Do you really think the comments on any video she'll post, even of she had done it right away, will be all rainbows and butterflies? Um, no. People are asshole who always think they know best) I wouldn't wanna post a video either.

I guess the ring thing was double standard yeah, i’ll admit that. Don’t get me wrong, I like Alli and i don’t agree with all the shit she’s being given but most of the mature angry fans are just irritated by her silence. Yes, the annoying shitheads will appear but it’s still worth saying something rather than nothing. Third time.. Just my opinion on the matter.

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Those double standards are astounding. You see charles laughing, being optimistic & happy, & he's praised for being strong. You see alli laughing with her friend & taking time for herself, & criticize her for it?? REALLY?!?!?

I’m talking about addressing the issue mainly. I should’ve highlighted that but yeah. The “Shit just got ugly” tweet, staying silent, the sudden leave (although it wasn’t sudden for them most likely) and her attitude in Datevs video is off in my opinion. I wasn’t criticising her as i said everyone handles big situations differently and going out to her best friends for a few days sounds logical but the ring off already and the avoidance of the fans (that are getting angrier at her silence it looks like) just seems weird.. again in my opinion.